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Powersmart Solar

Powersmart Solar are New Zealand’s leading supplier of grid-connect solar electric systems. They have extensive experience in New Zealand, Australia,and the South Pacific.

We both market and install Powersmart systems on their behalf.


Chromagen are world leaders in solar hot water systems and have been since 1962. Their products have been proven in NZ conditions for over 20 years.

We are their exclusive New Zealand distributors .

Gaia Solar A/S

Gaia Solar are based in Denmark – a country renowned for it’s architecture, design culture and strong emphasis on sustainable living.

Gaia solar specialise in integrating solar electric solutions into buildings ranging from residential homes to international hotels.

We are able to offer their handcrafted solar modules which are especially suited to architectural applications.


Enasolar, based in Christchurch New Zealand, manufacture inverters for solar electric grid – connect systems.

Enasolar’s inverters, apart from being manufactured to the highest of standards, incorporate a Wi-Fi enabled statistics package which lets you easily monitor your energy savings and your systems overall performance.