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Can these systems be retro-fitted to my home?

For solar electric systems the answer is yes - in most cases.

The installation will depend on the layout and condition of your roof. There may be some additional costs compared to integrating a system into a newly built home.

Once installed you will receive all the benefits of a new installation.

For solar hot water systems the answer is not quite as straight forward.

The installation will depend on the layout and condition of your roof and

the size and type of your existing hot water cylinder. If you have a ‘solar ready’ hot water cylinder of adequate size , we would expect few problems. If your cylinder is not solar ready or is too small we would advise a new correctly specified cylinder be installed to maximise the benefit .

For either type of system we will be happy to make an assessment and provide an appropriate quotation.

What happens if grid-power is lost ?

A grid connected solar electric system will automatically shut down as required by law to stop any solar electricity from flowing back into the grid and possibly injuring those working on the lines to restore the grid power supply.

With a Chromagen forced circulation solar hot water system, the pump , controller and electric backup elements will stop working but providing the home has a pressurised water supply, hot water will continue to be available. There is no need to reset anything when the power comes back on.

What are the maintenance requirements ?

Our solar electric modules should be mounted at minimum angle of 10 degrees.

Chromagen solar hot water collectors should be mounted at a minimum of 20 degrees.

At these angles the modules and collectors are self cleaning.

For our solar electric systems the inverter may need some attention during the 25 year warranty period of the modules. You will be made aware of this through your monitoring statistics.

There are no other requirements.

For our standard Chromagen forced circulation solar hot water systems the following maintenance regime is recommended:

•Every 6 months: Check the systems pressure    Pressure gauges are standard on all Chromagen systems

•Every 12 months: Flush all safety valves.

•Every 3 years replace anodes

•Every 3 to 5 years check antifreeze (glycol) and electrical connections (pumps, thermostats, switches and wiring)

  1. Drain tank if necessary, this is especially applicable in non-town water supply situations where water is not highly filtered to

         remove the presence of non- soluble matter/particles which may discolour water, cause corrosion to the equipment  or premature

         failure of safety valves.

What are the product warranties ?

Powersmart and Gaia solar electric modules:

5 year manufacturers warranty

25 year power warranty

Enasolar solar electric inverters:

5 year manufacturers warranty extendable by 5 years for an additional fee

Chromagen solar hot water collectors (Closed loop system only):

10 year manufacturers warranty

Chromagen solar hot water cylinders (excluding valves, elements and thermostats):

7 year manufacturers warranty

SolarSmart controller:

3 year manufacturers warranty

All other solar hot waters system components ( Pumps ,valves ,elements, anodes and thermostats:

1 year warranty