making solar easy

solar basics


We work with two solar technologies:

Solar Electric systems  (aka Solar Photovoltaics or PV)

The Sun’s energy is converted into electricity

for use in your house

Solar Hot Water systems

The Sun’s energy is converted into hot water

and stored in a hot water cylinder

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Both technologies have been around for many years and are installed on hundreds of thousands of roofs globally with their benefits well documented.

They are also well proven in New Zealand.

Steadily increasing electricity prices are leading to a growing number of installations as people realise the many dollars they can save.

The two systems can work separately or together, are quickly installed ( by experienced installers) and once installed are virtually ‘plug and save’.

There are three important provisos:

     1.The design of the system must be well thought through, taking into account your needs and budget

     2.The components must be of good quality

     3.The system must be properly installed to a high standard

Getting the design right from the start is essential.

System Design

There are several considerations – the most important are:

•Your budget

           Determines the best fit solution and the expected savings

•The amount of electricity you use or are likely to use

          Determines the best size for a solar electric system

•The amount of hot water you use or are likely to use

           Determines the optimum size for a solar hot water system

•Your location

           Determines the yearly amount of sunshine you are likely to get and thus the amount of convertible energy

•The size of usable roof area (or other options)

           Determines the maximum size installation  possible

At a more technical level, the mounting of the solar electric modules and the solar hot water collectors should be generally north facing, unshaded and at a minimum slope of 10 deg for the solar electric modules and 20 deg for the solar hot water collectors.

It is usually possible to design/engineer around any issues that may arise regarding these technical conditions.

The above considerations are the reason why it is important to have your property assessed for both it’s suitability and for an accurate estimate of cost and benefits. Our experienced team is happy to provide this service on your request.

So, is it possible to get a ball park estimate of costs and benefits without all this detail?

The short answer is yes.

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